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Wild Rumpus Community Services provide a range of support options for children and young people who have a disability. We provide support with an emphasis on increasing skill development and social opportunities - offering individuals more flexibility and creativity in their supports. Wild Rumpus have launched a number of programs, which were developed based on the needs and interests of families we support. They include programs to gain greater social and community awareness on weekends and after-school, weekend camps, Geelong's largest special needs holiday program, a sibling support program, as well as a range of capacity-building services available through our Skill Development Hub.
Wild Rumpus first launched in September 2012 by founding member James Asciak, who has worked for 14 years supporting young people with a disability. As The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out, we see a greater number of people with a disability have more opportunities to access meaningful supports. Since our registration with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), we have seen sharp demand for our services - and work tirelessly to process all new referrals.
Wild Rumpus have a passion for providing innovative options in order to support people with a disability and their families in new and creative ways, discovering new ways of providing traditional disability supports. We work tirelessly at developing new programs, trialing new ideas, and placing ourselves as the next generation of disability support providers. Wild Rumpus is a small service without a bloated management system - so the people supporting you are the ones shaping the service we provide.
Service Handbook - January - July 2017

The Wild Rumpus Service Handbook provides an overview of the programs we provide, our service fees, and our team. It's an important opportunity for participants and their families to gain a better understanding of what we do, and how we can assist you to meet your goals.

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